(Photo) WHO Is Demanding A Boycott For Grand Theft Auto V?

An animal rights group, In Defense of Animals, is calling for the boycott of Grand Theft Auto V. Why may you ask? Jack Carone, from In Defense of Animals, explains that the game promotes animal torture by allowing gamers to kill animals. With a lot of young consumers purchasing the game, is GTA 5 encouraging bad behavior? To read more, click below.

Grand Theft Auto V’s ‘The Manual’ App Now On iOS!!

I just ran across this on twitter, then DL’d it, Crazy! Over a hundred pages of game controls, giving you map coverage, and with such a huge open world it’s needed!!

(Videos + Photos) Rockstar Hosts Midnight Launch At Gamestop In NYC!!!

I was so happy to be invited to Rockstargames Official Grand Theft Auto V midnight release to the fans and friends alike!! We’ve all been waiting for this for quite some time, well it’s here, and the excitement has been so extreme across the web. Actually being in the middle of the release madness is a whole other story.

(Photos) Rockstar Adds New Screenshots For Grand Theft Auto Online!!

Rockstar recently added photos for the upcoming game multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V. GTA Online is free when you purchase Grand Theft Auto V. The online version will launch October 1 but GTA V will be released on September 17 for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

(Video) GTA Goes Online With FREE Multiplayer!!!

And yet another day of great gameplay dropping, yesterday was COD: Ghosts, today is GTA 5, once again guiding you through the new way the game looks, so to get a ‘better way to representay yourself’ on GTA 5, hit the jump!

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 Game Play Trailer!!!

Rockstar finally released some game play footage for Grand Theft Auto V. The first trailers the company put out were to introduce the 3 main characters.

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