How Much Did Kanye Pay Lana Del Rey To Perform??????????????????

You’ll Never Guess How Much Kanye Paid Lana Del Rey To Perform!!! Kanye paid Lana Del Rey $2.8 million to perform only 3 songs for Kim k. Damn! Since the performance the singers “Young and Beautiful” song has been synced with Kimye.

Did Justin Bieber Attend The KIMYE Wedding?

Bieber had said that he would be in Italy in a few weeks, and it’s really no surprise. Approximately 250 teens, 2 ambulances were gathered in Florence. Of course hoping to snap a pic with the celebrity. However, sources confirm Biebs did not attend the wedding unfortunately because he was not invited. Whop Whop!

Lana Del Rey Performs For KIMYE’S Pre-Wedding Party!!

Kanye West surprised Kim K with a performance by LANA Del Rey at the Palace of Versailles. She reportedly performed 3 hits including “Summertime Sadness” Everyone was also reportedly crying. Aww

Guess What Was The Most Watched TV Event Of 2011?!

Every TV event/show wants to be the most watched non-sports event of the year. This year one event stole the show with at least 20.2 million viewers! Find out what it was after the jump. Julie1205

(Video) British Socialite Spends $5 million On Her Wedding!

Rome. $500,000 castle rental. Phantoms. Vera Wang gown. Cristal. Alicia Keys. Eric Clapton. Black Eye Peas. Dream weddings are real. Check out the video after the jump of how Petra Ecclestone ties the knot. Money Ain’t A Thang. @ShottaDru

Pacific Island To Start Making “Star Wars” Money

A economically struggling Pacific island is doing something interesting to help it’s economy, making Star Wars coins! This time won’t be the first time that the Pacific island state of Niue is creating something to help boost it’s economy, the island created stamps for William and Kate’s Royal Wedding. The stamps were scrapped because of the perforated line that split the Prince and Duchess but this time Niue is positive that they have a sure thing on their hands, especially since Star Wars fans are known to be collectors. Hopefully it works out for the Niue economy! Read more about the coins after the jump. @Julie1205

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