The RZA Goes 2017 Bobby Digital in #Freestyle080 with Funk Flex

We’ve reached a new even high numbered Freestyle, and we have an ultimate type treat for you, The RZA aka Bobby Digital and he dropped some BARS on us!!

Wu-Tang’s U-God Files $2.5 Million Lawsuit Against RZA & The Rest Of The Group

U-God has filed a lawsuit in NYC, stating that he’s contributed to about 170 tracks for the Wu-Tang since 1993, but he has not been getting the right royalties for at least the last 6 years. He also says his contract requires him to get 2 annual payments for his share of merch, but that too has stopped.

RZA Says He Didn’t Know That Azealia Banks Had Mental Issues

According to RZA, he didn’t know that Azealia Banks had mental issues, and things may have gone differently if he did. As you know, RZA brought Banks to a party hosted by Russell Crowe last month, and after some feisty words from both parties, Banks ended up being physically carried out of the party by Crowe, and alleging that he assaulted her.

(Video) Azealia Banks Breaks Down Crying In Interview When Explaining The Russel Crowe Incident

Recently Azealia banks was in headlines because of an incident involving her and Russel Crowe. According to Azealia In the incident Russel Crowe allegedly choked Banks, spit on her, and called her the N word. However, other witnesses at the event claim different. Azealia recently sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss the incident and could not hold back her tears. Is she telling the truth? Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

Police Reportedly Find No Footage Of Azealia Banks/Russell Crowe Incident

The ongoing controversy between Azealia Banks, Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, and RZA seem to have hit a stalemate in what went down that Saturday night in Beverly Hills, as security footage missed the entire thing.

(Photo + Video) RZA Breaks His Silence On Azealia Banks Incident

RZA has now broken his silence on what went down with Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe. While on TMZ live, RZA tells us his story of how it all went down.

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