(Photo + Video) Travis Scott Goes In On Security For Taking The Mic From A Fan During His Show

During a performance Sunday night at the Houston Day For Night Festival, Travis Scott gave one of his fans the mic. The goal was for the fan to sing along but it looks like security had other plans. The guard took the mic from the fan which prompted Scott to go all the way off in autotune at that!

That Was Fast: Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Bodyguard Already Has A New Client!

Pascal Duvier had been the head of Kim and Kanye’s security team since 2012, and was often praised by the famous couple for his quality work. Unfortunately, they decided to let him go after Kim was robbed in Paris, because they felt it was just too much of a risk to keep him around. It is to be noted, however, he was not on duty for Kim at the time, and instead accompanied her sisters to a local club to protect them as Kim went to sleep for the night.

(Video) Lil Yachty’s Security Body Slams A Fan After They Tried To Climb On Stage

Lil Yachty’s security is not beat for the extra drama. In a recent video we see a fan try to jump on stage with Yachty and his crew. A few seconds later, we notice security coming out of left field, body slamming the man on to the ground.

Tech: Daimler and BMW Reject Apple iCar Development Talk!

It looks like we’ll be waiting a while for the next big product from Apple as their talks with Mercedes-Benz’s parent comapany , Daimler, and BMW turn sour.

NBA: Usher & Police Officer Fired After Kid Runs on the Court to Hug Carmelo Anthony

We all thought it was very cute when a young boy ran onto the court to hug Carmelo Anthony during the Knicks game against the Pelicans; but what if it wasn’t a cute kid but instead someone that wanted to cause Anthony harm?  Well for that reason, two people have lost their jobs.

(Video) Nicki Minaj Catches Her Security Guard On The Phone During Her Performance

As Nicki Minaj was performing, she noticed something that was a HUGE no-no. One of her security guards was on the phone! Once Nicki peeped what was going down she took matters into her own hands.

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