Skunk Marijuana May Be Blocking The Brain From Sending & Receiving Messages

A new study shows that smoking skunk marijuana (or weed with high potency) could possibly be very dangerous for the brain short-term and long-term. Hit the jump for the full story.

@LisaEvers Snaps Exclusive Photos Of The Security Guard Who Got Fired For ONE Blunt

This dude is crazy! LOL! Smoking that ganga will get you in all kinds of trouble. 26-year-old Sami Omar of North Bergen NJ is a security guard who was suppose to be watching out for terrorists on the George Washington Bridge, but instead was blowing one in the air. When questioned by police, Omar said that the smell was from a SKUNK! You know that statement landed him an arrest record for marijuana possession and other charges. Funny! The even funnier thing is the amount he was packing. Drop down bottom and check it out.

9-Year-Old Girl Shot Outside Of A Halloween Party After Being Mistaken For A Skunk

A nine-year-old girl was shot outside of a Halloween party by her own relative mistaken thought the girl was a skunk! The little girl was wearing a black costume and a black hat with a white tassel when she was shot at by a male relative who was sober during the shooting. The girl’s condition is unknown and police are unsure if they will press charges on the man. Read more below. Julie A.

Dutch Government Bans Coffee-Shops From Selling ‘Skunk’

Uh oh– if you were planning on taking a trip to Holland in your lifetime for a specific reason, better go ASAP because the Dutch government is getting pretty strict!! Dutch politicians are saying that THC levels have increased by a large amount in the last generation, so now the government is reclassifying some strains of the plant to the same category as hard drugs. More details after the jump… Wendy L.

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