Jaden Smith Is An ‘Albino Batman’ … WTF!???????????!!!??

For the kimye wedding Jaden Smith dressed up as an albino batman. What? Yeah, The 15 year old was photo bombing a lot of celebrities in a white batman costume. Joe Francis, the founder of girls gone wild, captioned his photo “LOL, photo bombed by white batman”. What was Jayden thinking? See more pics of “white batman” in the gallery.

(Photos) DAMN! Hot Mama Jada Pinkett Smith Is Looking BAD!

Jada Pinkett Smith has been cast as villain Fish Mooney in the upcoming Batman prequel TV series Gotham, for her age — she looks amazing! See this hot mama in the gallery below!

Jerry Seinfeld Getting Sued Over WHAT?!?

This week celebs learned that if they discriminate, they will be sued and destroyed publicly. Now Jerry Seinfeld is getting sued for discrimination, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Check out exactly what he’s getting sued for after the jump.

Wait What?! Will Smith To Expensive For Independence Day 2 ?!?!

I don’t think you can do a sequel to that movie without Will Smith, but at least now they have a release date! Hit the the jump for the full story!

(Photo) Willow Smith Holding Hands With Who…!?!?

I’m NOT making any ASSumputions, but why is Willow holding this person’s hand? Real intimate like or, NO? The Smith family, minus Will was seen coming back from there very long vacation in Hawaii and Willow has a little friend with her. Drop down bottom to see the pic. JaaiR (JR)

(Photo) New Couple Alert?! Jaden Smith And Kendall Jenner (Kardashian) Caught Holding Hands!!

Owww!! Looks like Jaden Smith and a Kendall Jenner are little love birds! They were caught holding hands at her 17th birthday party! So precious! Click below to see the photo. Melissa

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