(Video) Wale Goes Off On A Woman For Blowing A Cloud Of Smoke In His Face

Wale did not hold back Tuesday as he and a blonde got into a very heated argument. The woman even blew a huge deal of smoke in Wale’s face, invading all types of personal space.

(Video) Two Women Arrested For Blowing Smoke In A Toddler’s Face

The things people put on social media now-a-days is just truly ridiculous to me. Two women have now been arrested after a video went viral of them blowing marijuana smoke in a toddler’s face.

#DJFunkFlexApp NEW MUSIC: N.O.R.E. ft. Smoke – How Ever

N.O.R.E. decides to take things back a bit as he links up with Smoke for “How Ever,” which is his take on the 1989 classic “Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)” by Soul II Soul. Furthermore, N.O.R.E.’s brand new album alongside his CNN comrade Capone is currently available for purchase.

Are You Smoking Today? Do You Know The History Of 4/20 Or National Weed Day?

Puff Puff … Cough Cough … Pass and Stop! Today, April 20th or 4/20 is deemed as National Weed Day. A day where cannabis lovers can get together, roll something, smoke something, laugh and joke about the lame individual who can’t roll a simple joint (sounds like any other day). But where does this day come from? It didn’t just grow from the ground up. Check out the story behind National Weed Day, after the jump.

Charlo Greene, Weed Reporter Who Quit On-Air Accused Of Smoking Out The Neighbors?!

This story just gets funnier and funnier – LMAO! Carlo Greene, owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club was in the middle of reporting the news on the legalization of weed in her state (Alaska) when she decided to say, “f**k it” and quit. Hilarious? I know. Now, everything is all becoming clear – after the smoke has passed – she’s been a pot head for quite some time. Greene currently has a restraining order out against her, due to her constant weed intake. Hit the jump for more.

Whoa! Vietnam Vet Says Burglars Smoked His WHAT!?!

Wow, Philip McMullen, an Alabama man that happens to be a Vietnam veteran claims that his house was burglarized. Among the list of stolen items are: his generator, chainsaw, and a handful of other items. According to him, they burglars even tried to get into his gun safe. But that’s just the beginning. He went on to tell Fox 10, “They even took my wife’s ashes off my headboard, strewed them around, looked like they tried to smoke some of them or something.” More info after the jump.

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