NFL: Lawrence Taylor Jr. Sentenced to 30 Years on Statutory Rape & Child Molestation Charges

Lawrence Taylor Jr., son of Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, will spend the next 10 years in prison after a plea deal on statutory rape and child molestation charges.  Taylor was actually sentenced to 30 years in prison but will be eligible for release in ten.

NFL: Former NFL Cheerleader Charged With Raping 15-Year Old!

Former NFL cheerleader Molly Shattuck has been indicted in Delaware for allegedly raping a 15-year-old boy she found on Instagram.

NFL: Lawrence Taylor’s Son Released From Jail

Remember when Lawrence Taylor’s son was arrested in the beginning of July?!  Well he was just released today from jail.  I wonder why it took that long to bail him out?!  I’m not counting pockets, but I wouldn’t think $50k would be too hard  for his dad to come up with?!  Maybe his family was teaching him a lesson until a judge has their say? Details after the jump…

(Mug Shot) NFL: Lawrence Taylor’s Son Arrested For Statutory Rape & Other Charges

SMH. Damn. The son of NFL legend Lawrence Taylor has been arrested for rape and other charges in Georgia.  The full details have not come out yet, but find out what we do know so far after the jump & we will keep you updated…

Teen Girl Charged With Statutory Rape After Lesbian Relationship, Wont Take Plea Deal

Kaitlyn Hunt an 18 year old Florida teen is being criminally prosecuted for her relationship with a 15 year old. Her girlfriends parents found out about the relationship, disapproving of their daughter’s homosexuality,, they blamed it on Hunt and are pressing criminal charges against her. Hunt was given a plea deal that would see significantly lesser charges but she refused the deal. If she accepted the deal she would be pleading guilty to child abuse but not forced to register as a sex offender. Her refusal means the case will be tried in a court of law, which could be a good thing for Hunt as her case is picking up national notoriety this decision could be pivotal in gay rights. Hit the jump for more.

Substitute Teacher Arrested For Having Sexual Relations With 15-Year-Old Boy

First of all the teacher’s kind of good looking, just thought i’d get that out of the way. This great scholar decided to make a friendly phone call a booty call and found herself behind bars. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

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