(Photo) Lauryn Hill Addresses Tax Issues

Lauryn Hill has now taken to social media to speak on her tax issues. There was a story out saying that Hill was caught up in tax troubles. However, she tells us that this is not the case.

(Photos) Chicago Residents Will Pay More For Streaming Services!

If you live in the city of Chicago, then you are already familiar with the city’s “Amusement Tax.” For those of us who don’t live there and are not too familiar, the city has imposed 9% tax on amusement such as basketball games, and that will now include streaming services such as NetFlix!

OUCH! Jay Z’s Festival Made In America May Cost LA Folks $170,000 In Taxes!

Made In America was a huge success seeing performances from Iggy to YG to Kanye! It’s as fun as it was the sting may come back to Los Angelese taxpayers. Read more after the jump!

Colorado Brings In Millions Per MONTH In Weed Taxes After Making Marijuana Legal!

Colorado got MO-NAYYYYYY! Over the past few years, the United States has been struggling from an extreme case of debt. After passing the law to legalize weed, the Centennial State is bringing in a nice little lump sum of $2 million from the new tax put on the ganja. If Colorado is bringing in millions of dollars per month just from taxing weed alone, imagine how quickly our debt would be diminished if the little green plant becomes legal in every state? #ThinkAboutIt

Not Another One! Eve Gets Hit With $327K Tax Lien

What is really good with all these famous people not paying their taxes? Eve has made it to the “celebrities who owe money for taxes” list, making it a grand total of $327,000 that she needs to pay back to Uncle Sam. Luckily, Eve’s fiancee Maximillion Cooper is a super millionaire. Maybe he should help her settle her debt before they decide to tie the knot. Just saying!

(WHEW) Lauryn Hill Pays Off Tax Debt!!!

It looks like now Lauryn Hill won’t have to be “killing them softly” in jail because she reportedly paid more than $900K to settle her tax debt. And get this… she paid up just a DAY before she was scheduled for sentencing. OH HAPPY DAY! Hit the jump to hear the rest of the story.

Another Celebrity, Another Tax Debt: Check Out Who Owes Uncle Sam Over $300K

I’m wondering if these celebs think that because they’re on television, that they can get away from the government or what. Pamela Anderson is just another notch on Uncle Sam’s list of celebrities who owe money. In the range of $370,000 in the state of California for tax year 2011. This isn’t the first time, and from the looks of her history it won’t be the last. For 2010, Pamela owed $524,241. She eventually paid that off. You were on “Baywatch” for how long? You had a wicked sex tape (so I heard), and yet you’re still backed up? Your looks won’t work this time sexy girl. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

President Obama’s Press Conference On Tax Hike

Just a few minutes ago at a press conference was President Obama. He spoke on the support of Mayor Bloomberg, him visiting NY soon to check up on the recent Sandy distruction, and the climate change. “Temperature around the globe is increasing and a lot of it has to deal with human behavior,” says President Obama. According to the President during his 1st term he doubled fuel efficiency and that helps to reduce carbon. For the current term he’s hoping for potential breakthrough investments that will help with the climate change and plans on having conversations with scientists and elected officials for short-term promblem solutions. He also mentions the tax hike for homes with a $250,000 and up income. Click down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Tax Hike Expected To Be $1.6Tril

I say got DAMN! If your household is making $250,000 or more than you are a part of the plan for President Obama to raise taxes. Of cousre the Republican party is against the terms that our President is bringing to the table, but let’s hope there will be some middle ground that can be reached. Negotiations will be held Friday. Prior to the negotiations will be a press conference held on Wednesday. More information should be released around that time. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Uh-Oh, Swizz Beatz Owes HOW MUCH Money In Taxes!!!??

“He ain’t got no money in the bank!!” Just kidding, I’m sure Swizz is fine when it comes to money… but for some reason, he’s behind A HUGE amount on his taxes. Click below to find out exactly how much he owes and to find out all the rest of the details. Melissa Nash

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