FDA Takes Action Against Tobacco Companies For “Natural” Advertisement

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered several tobacco companies to end their campaigns claiming their cigarettes are “natural” and “additive-free”. Continue reading the story for more information.

(Photos) MLB: SF Giants Close to Tobacco Ban

The city of San Francisco, California has always differentiated from other cities across the country, and the town prides itself in being the bellwether of change. Yesterday, the home of the San Francisco Giants (where Willy Mayes, Buster Posey and Barry Bonds played) may become the first city in the nation to prohibit chewing tobacco from its field. This move could cause a seismic reaction throughout the baseball world.

Jay Z Starts New Cigar Line!

Bossman Hov has embarked on yet another business move, and this one might be dipping into one of his pleasures as well! Hit the jump for more.

6 Surprising Trends In Americans’ Drug Use!!!

TIME decided to enlighten us all when it comes to the drug consumption of Americans by reflecting on the stats from the federal government’s annual National Survey on on the Drug Use and Health of 70,000 Americans’, Hit the jump to see our nations progression and transition within drug use!

Second Hand Smoke May Worsen Illness In Kids With Flu

We all know that second hand smoke is deadly right? Well now studies are linking second hand smoke to the flu. Reports say that children with the flu that have been exposed to tobacco smoke are more likely to need intensive care which will require longer stays at the hospital. Read more below. Minosoar

Chewing Tobacco Gets The Axe From Major League Baseball!!

Now THIS is something I thought I’d never see!! This week, Major League Baseball announced it would no longer allow the use of chewing tobacco when fans are around. Full story after the jump! Wendy L. x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

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