(Video) Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Drummer Is Disgusted With CIA’s Use Of Their Music!

Recent news reports revealing the CIA’s negative doings within past years, one of the incidents includes the 2002 torturing of Abu Zubaydah, while playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, through looped audio, amongst other torture methods. Drummer Chad Smith has spoken out in light of the situation and he is not too happy with the agencies use of their music!

WTF: Brooklyn Rabbi & Others Arrested For Kidnapping & Torturing Husbands Into Divorcing Wives

A group of desperate Jewish wives in New York ran to their Rabbis to assist them with their marital woes. However, in the Jewish (Orthodox) religion, you need the husband’s approval in order to undergo a divorce. 68-year-old Rabbi Mendel Epstein of Brooklyn was one of the many arrested in running an underground scheme that charged distressed Jewish women $70K-$100K to kidnap and brutally torture their husbands into agreeing for a Jewish divorce better known as a “get.”

(Video) WTF!!! Guess How Young This Hitman Is?!?!

A male was found dead in Mexico City along with five others, while others were arrested in connection with the incident. He was a hitman allegedly tortured by the Mexican Drug Cartel–guess how old he was? Check out this young killer after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Plymouth Ad From The 1930’s Shows Some Strange Stuff

The way this video starts, it makes you wonder if Plymouth back in the day was some part of a government conspiracy or just a car company, with the way they compare things to “trial by torture”. Some of what they mentioned as far as getting the truth of out people or things is still used today, whether people want to admit it or not. It was creative however the way it was compared to finding out things from cars. This video taken sometime during the 1930’s shows to what lengths Plymouth would go to test their cars and to show what the cars can handle. The “crash dummies” back then were no dummies at all. They were actual stunt drivers and engineers who worked on the cars themselves. To me the craziest part of the video is the way actual live drivers used to test the car by dam near killing themselves. It is a very interesting video if you can get past the creepy way it starts. Watch the clip after the jump.

People In Afghan Prisons Still Being Tortured

The United Nations have spoken up and said that prisoners in Afghan are still being tortured after this type of abuse was supposed to change.  Prisoners get tied by their wrists and beaten,twist their genitals, and or use electric shock.  After originally reporting this to the world there was supposed to be some type of prison reform, but it looks and sounds like nothing has changed.  Although Afghan officials have also said that they will not completely get rid of torture methods, they will only minimize the abuse. Steph B

Tech Talk News: The iPhone 5 & Galaxy SIII Go Through The Torture Test

  In a debate of who can withstand the most pain between Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.  The tests involved  being dropped, drowned, and even being hit with objects.  check after the break to see who wins the battle?? Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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