(Video) A Look At Rockstar’s Next-Gen For GTAV [Trailer]

This game just got a 1000 X’s better! GTAV on the PS4 and Xbox One will look like no other GTA in History, very exciting!!

(Photos) NFL: Johnny Football Upgrades His Whip, Now You Can Own His Old One!

Johnny Manziel is obviously getting accustomed to his NFL salary because he finally made a move that most new players to the league do. He upgraded his car game! Johnny traded in his humble 2014 Nissan Titan SL, for the second fastest production car, a 2015 Nissan GT-R. The new ride comes complete as a special edition with black interior, which ran about $110,000! The catch is he autographed the dashboard of his Titan which he traded in and the truck is on full display at the dealership in Cleveland for $43,720, which they admit includes a higher price cause of the signature on the dashboard. Guarantee you someone buys it, likely from Texas once they put the truck on Ebay. Check the pics.

(Video) Is iOS 8 Getting A Multitasking Upgrade?!

Some are going to say ‘oh Microsoft Surface already'(in a whiney PC voice), but guess what, Surface isn’t selling so again…’Apple for the Win!

(Video) ‘RoboCop’ Trailer Shows Remake Is An Upgrade?!

All my movie buffs, I have some good news! A remake of the 80’s classic, ‘RoboCop’, will hit theaters February 12, 2014. The new ‘RoboCop’, directed by José Padilha, may actually be an upgrade. To see the trailer for the movie, click below.

(Video) Would You Pay $1200 For The iPhone X?!?

This is absolutely a concept, but rumors are circulating that Apple plans on taking a serious look at Bob Freking’s created device. This could be the iPhone 6, or 6S, or maybe it will stay the iPhone X, either way you should def take a look at the video below, see if you want it?!

AT&T’s New Plan Will Allow You To Do WHAT?!

Most major wireless carriers lock their customers to their phones for up to two year which is annoying especially if your sick and tired of your phone. Now AT&T is giving its customers the ability to upgrade their smartphone or tablet EACH YEAR. The plan is called “Next” which will factor in the price of the new device with 20 monthly payments. The plan launches July 26 and will be available for new and existing customers eligible for upgrades. This new plan comes just one week after T-Mobile launches its bi-annual upgrade program “JUMP.” Coincidence .. I think NOT ! Oh and did I mention Verizon’s idea on letting its customers upgrade their devices twice a year? Let the upgrade battle begin.

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