(Photo) Ciara Gets Ambushed By The SAME Prankster That Almost Knocked Kim Kardashian Over During Paris Fashion Week!

Oh my days…Is this guy like our real life Borat?! The Ukraine prankster has struck once and again and this time his target was Ciara! More details after the jump!

Parisian Police Enforcement Don’t Care About Kim Kardashian And Her Assualt Incident During Paris Fashion Week!

They have be quoted saying how much they love Paris and the respect the paparazzi give celebrities…that was until yesterday when Kim almost got tackled to the ground while making her entrance to the Balmain Fashion Show. Want to file a compliant Kim….? Well guess who isn’t going to help you? Find out after the jump!

Ukrainian Journalist Arrested For Brad Pitt Assault, But This Isn’t His First Time

LOL! This guy is at it – AGAIN! Vitalii Sediuk was arrested yesterday for suspicion of battery after leaping over a barrier for his chance to touch Brad Pitt. Pitt, who was at the El Captain Theatre in Los Angeles for for the premiere of, “Maleficent” continued to greet the ‘sane’ fans as security tackled Sediuk to the ground and then led him off in handcuffs. Little background – Vitalii Sediuk is a Ukrainian journalist who has a history of attacking celebrities in the worst way. Too much touchy touchy grabby feely. Check out the jump for more deets.

(Video + Photos) 2013 Grammy Stage Crasher Is The Same Guy That Will Smith Smacked Up !?!?

Ok, so do you remember last year when a reporter tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips and Will back handed him ??? If not go HERE, but this guy is up to his old ways again. During the 2013 Grammy Awards, while sexy J. Lo and “that lil Chico Pitbull” were announcing Adele as the winner for ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, Vitalii Sediuk got on stage and took the mic from the Latina. Vitalii acted as if it was him who had won an award, “Oh thank you,” he says. LOL! Unluckily for him as soon as the show was over, he got arrested for trespassing and spent a night in the pen. This dude is a crazy mess. Funny, but crazy! I think J. Lo handled herself well by snatching the mic back. Good job. Drop down bottom and listen to what he was thinking at the time.

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