While shopping in Barney’s recently, Kanye saw a 19 year old Yale student and let him know his shoes were dope. The kid, Cassius Clay (yes, that’s really his name) has now taken a leave of absence from school to roll with Ye and his crew! What?!

Apparently Kanye liked his style so much they exchanged contact info, and Yeezy emailed Cassius soon after with:

“You are an inspiration to me. I inspire people like Rihanna and Beyoncé and you inspire me. I need you during this difficult time.”

(Odd email…but hey, who asked me). This kid Cassius is super into fashion…carries a Birkin “man-bag” and rocks Hermes scarves and dipped out earlier last month to join Kanye’s entourage.

Since joining the team, he’s been “running around New York dyeing Kanye’s jeans red for televised appearances, sifting through designer showrooms and desperately trying to find himself an apartment.” Cassius is set to be “very involved” with the Kanye crested shoes that are rolling out next spring as well.

Wow, talk about right place, right time. Opportunity of a lifetime for sure! Would you leave school a while to work with your favorite artist??