11 years ago the infamous WWE match between The Rock and Triple H went down……and now a man named Ronald Basham is coming forward with a lawsuit, claiming he was injured during the fight. Dude was a mere 7 years old at the time, and claims he was injured when the wrestlers ran into the crowd and knocked someone into his knee.

He says he waited this long because at that age he was too young to sue for himself. Sounds a little sus to me…Hit the jump for more details.


(TMZ) – According to the lawsuit, Ronald claims the wrestlers took the fight out of the ring and into the stands — when The Rock shoved a spectator … and caused a woman standing nearby to fall onto Ronald … injuring his right leg and knee.

Ronald claims he sustained “severe and painful injuries” that will continue to bother him. In fact, Ronald says he recently had to undergo surgery on his leg as a result of the wrestling incident.

A rep for the WWE tells us they are “looking into the matter” but says they “don’t comment on pending litigation.”