Sheesh, this is the snub heard ’round the world! LOL. As you all know by now, BET announced the nominees for their 2011 awards show last night, and one of the categories that is causing some major controversy is their Best Female Rapper award. There are only 4 nominees while all the other categories have 5, and they snubbed relevant emcees like Trina when there was not only space for her but she put out more music than some of the other girls in there!! We heard what Trina had to say on the matter, now see what Nicki said about it!! Wonder if she’ll go up to bat for her girl Keyshia too since the pair collab’d last year.


I wonder if with all this controversy, will BET remedy the situation? I mean if someone in the SAME category is saying they can’t take it serious…especially someone with as much star power as Nicki where they’d definitely want her there, I think something may be done. What do you guys think?