Universal Music Group uses an ad agency called “GroupM” that put ads on different sites, for which they(GroupM) have a new aggressive anti-piracy policy, and in turn they have compiled a blacklist of certain sites, and Blogs especially in the hip hop community, and we have the list right Here, After the Jump, and you’ll have to read it cause I won’t specifically name any since some our Friends and Family 🙁
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“GroupM’s own content producing clients — such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal Music and Summit Entertainment, which produced the popular Twilight series of vampire movies — have shared their own lists of pirate websites to help create a master copy.”

What this means I’m not exactly sure, aside from the ad agency GroupM, not doing any business from Universal with them, which could affect their overall revenue, but not specifically do anything to the Blogs themselves, BUT what if Universal is planning on taking this ‘Blacklist’ to the government for more official shutdowns, man a scary thought….And will this list grow? Does this mean these sites will not post anymore music(doubtful). The Record companies do things like this to try and control the market again, but will it work, will you ‘buy’ music again?? or will the dwindling sales dwindle even more because a fan doesn’t know their new favorite song is even out for purchase?? Well not as long as they don’t put #IFWT on that list!!!! (We pretty much get our music straight from the labels/artist)

Sadly though see if your Favorite Blog is up here(well 2nd fav maybe, *Go #IFWT*)

GroupM Blacklisted Websites On #IFWT