Anywhere you’ve seen Nicki Minaj over her past few whirlwind years in the media, you didn’t have to look much further to see her right hand man, Scaff Beezy. SB has been Nicki’s hypeman since the start of her career, and of course there’s always been very strong whispers…shouts even…that he’s “more than just a friend.” The two got into a scuffle at her hotel recently and this led to rumors that even their working relationship was severed…but he appeared at the VMA’s last night, once again by the Nickster’s side as she accepted the award for Best Hip-Hop Video. (Congrats by the way boo!) Now he’s branching out and taking a shot at getting on the mic himself. He reached out to Nicki’s former labelmate (for lack of a better word. They were both managed by Deb Antney at one time) and got him on his very first track, “My Watch.” Listen after the jump and let us know your thoughts! Should he stick to what he’s doing or does he actually have a shot at a rap career??

Marisa Mendez