While we’ve been, um, enjoying the latest take on the Honda Civic for a few good months now, our cousins across the pond have yet to be able to sink their teeth into the new European version of the Japanese compact. That’s all about to change as Honda prepares to unveil the 2012 Euro Civic at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The Japanese automaker has been so kind as to slide the web a little teaser ahead of the vehicle’s debut complete with a photo of the hatchback’s rear and a few scant details. The shot shows a new integrated spoiler and third brake light that Honda says helps manage the vehicle’s aerodynamics at speed.

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In addition, the company says that the hatch will boast class-leading interior room for its occupants and its cargo as well as “stand-out looks.” We wait with baited breath. Look for the ninth-generation Euro Civic to take a bow in Germany on September 13.