If I had an iPad I Would Def need a TV Tuner for my iPad, I am a TV Junkie!!! Alas, I do Not(About to touch an Android Tab!), But the Good News is Funk Does so We may very well try this out, in which case I will let you know how that works out, But for now hit the Jump to learn More!

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The greatest invention(for TV junkies) since…Well TV really, will be called EyeTV Mobile, and it will run you about $163, for the dongle that connects to the iPad’s proprietary port. The tuner will be able to pull in MPEG 2 streams over DVB-T, but won’t work with DVB-T2 broadcasts like Freeview HD, which means you’ll get your reg channels, just not their HD counterparts, But I’m cool with that all day.It also will Allow you to record the TV shows on some DVR business?? Aww Man this thing is kinda Clean, Now they will most likely definitely Probably should I hope Make an Android or universal version so other than iOS is Clean -_-