Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

As you know, Tiki Barber is having a tough time getting work. His girlfriend/fiance, however, is totally employable. Traci Lynn Johnson did a lingerie shoot for Maxim recently, and along with it came a pretty hilarious article — whether or not she was being intentionally funny is anyone’s guess. Their first date? McDonald’s. Yep. Excerpt:

Where would you go on your ideal first date?
A Mexican restaurant. We’d have tacos, enchiladas, and enough salsa to kill someone. And we’d wash it down with tequila and go out dancing. I’m a terrible dancer, but with enough tequila in me, I’ll do anything.

Is that where you went with Tiki?
No, we went to McDonald’s. I was starving and about to flip into [expletive] mode, so we stopped there. It was a match made in Happy Meals.

So Tiki can hold his liquor. What else don’t we know about him?
Other than the fact that he likes to walk around the house naked?

I do too, so that’s why we’re a good match.

You’re not a sports fan?
I love basketball. Tiki knows Carmelo Anthony is my favorite New York athlete. We sat with him at an event, and Tiki told him, “She will leave me for you in a heartbeat.” I was so embarrassed.