Being gay is wrong and a personal choice, said Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in a new interview. He is clearly expressing his personal belief but letting people know if that is what you do then that is what you do. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

The ex-pizza business magnate, who has been neck and neck with Mitt Romney in recent polls, opened up about his personal beliefs to CNN’s Piers Morgan on Wednesday night.

“I think it’s a sin because of my biblical beliefs,” said Cain in a testy exchange. “And although people don’t agree with me, I happen to think that it is a choice.”

Morgan immediately questioned his remarks.

“You genuinely believe that millions of Americans wake up in their late teens normally and go, ‘You know what? I quite fancy being a homosexual.’ You don’t believe that, do you?” the incredulous host asked, prompting Cain to reply there was no evidence to prove otherwise.

“That being said I respect their right to make that choice. You don’t see me bashing them,” said Cain. “I don’t have to agree with it.”

Morgan then brought up Cain’s race, insisting it “would be like a gay person saying, Herman, you made a choice to be black.”

Cain remarked, “You know that’s not the case. You know I was born black … Piers, this doesn’t wash off. I hate to burst your bubble.”

“I don’t think being homosexual washes off,” said Morgan.

In another heated topic in the wide-ranging interview, Cain said he is against abortion and believes life begins at conception.

But in a surprise admission, he said Americans had the right to make their own decisions

“I can have an issue or opinion without it being a directive on the nation,” he said of abortion. “The nation shouldn’t be trying to tell people everything to do, especially when it comes to a social decision that they need to make.”