My homies over at Complex decided to delve into the the Falcon F7 today, a really dope car that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Get the 411 on the hand-built American “super-car” below.

Marisa Mendez

10. Made in America
The F7 is not a bunch of Italian body panels laid over an American power source like a modern-day De Tomaso. This bad boy is made right here in American, the Midwest to be exact. This makes us even more proud to be from the land of the free.

9. Pushrods like F1
The Falcon F7 has fully adjustable and independent pushrod suspension like that of an F1 car and the much more expensive Lamborghini Aventador. Once someone drives this car, he can decide whether or not it can out-turn a 458 on the track.

8. Price
The Falcon F7 starts at $195,000 but can rise to $250,000 with custom options. Falcon boasts that many of its components, like its expensive and complicated aluminum and carbon-fiber chassis, are exclusive to cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more. However, the F7’s price places it in the crossfire of the supercar king, the Ferrari 458.