In a shocking twist of events Josesito Lopez defeated Victor Ortiz in a ninth round technical knockout.  Lopez broke Ortiz’s jaw which in turn caused him to quit giving Lopez the stunning victory.  Read more and check the video after the jump.

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Josesito Lopez came into the fight with a big chip on his shoulder.  He was of course the underdog that no one expected to win but beyond that he was a last minute replacement that Victor Ortiz seemed to not respect.  Lopez replaced Andre Berto who failed a doping test.  So the fight was on, Ortiz outlanded Lopez overall, landing 147 punches to Lopez’s 122, but Lopez outworked Ortiz in power punches, landing 110 of 203, while Ortiz connected on 99 of 221.  But something happened that stunned everyone, Lopez landed a powerful left hook to Ortiz’s jaw late in the ninth round.  Ortiz went back to his stool and did not answer the bell for the tenth round, he said he couldn’t continue.  He quit.

So Josesito Lopez (30-4, 18 KOs) jumped up realizing his victory, smiling ear to ear to despite an eye swollen shut  and a battered face.  The Golden Boy Victor Ortiz was defeated and reignited his reputation as a quitter.  Of course social media went wild letting him have it.  Fighters most notably Muhammed Ali have fought through broken jaws and even won, and although Ortiz is no Ali, he was ahead on all the cards and still could have won had he continued.  I guess I’ll try not to pass judgement because I haven’t been in the ring and I don’t know what kind of pain he was feeling but it’ll take a lot of work for him to recover from this one, and I don’t just mean his broken jaw.

Fight & Post Fight

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