Brandon Jennings has spent time practicing Steve Nash-like moves, in an effort to score as effortlessly as the former MVP does.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Jennings thinks it can only help his game if he models some aspects of it after Nash’s. Reports the Journal Sentinel: “It’s the one-leg floater in the lane,’ Jennings said. ‘When you play against a guy like that, you just see the different ways he can score. It’s not easy what you can take from him. But if you put time into it, I really wanted to perfect some of the things he does. A lot of his buckets are easy. I’ve watched a lot of film on him and if I ever want to talk to him, I have that direct contact with him. And the fact he’s 38 and playing is amazing.’

Jennings improved with his running floater in the lane last season, but Nash’s shot is a variation on that. ‘He stops on one foot,’ Jennings said. ‘This summer it’s been something I’ve been working on and trying to do all the time. It puts a stop on the big (man) because they think I’m going to keep going, then I just stop and raise up real fast.’ […] Jennings shot 41.8% from the field last season, up from 39% the previous year and 37.1% as a rookie. He wants to keep improving that percentage as well as his three-point accuracy (33.2% last season on 388 attempts).”