And the mess continues! After it seemed as though Chris had totally kicked longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran to the curb for Rihanna, the tables have turned once again. Chris and Ri enjoyed a short-lived rendezvous over a few days in NYC last week, but the fairytale quickly ended as Rihanna was forced to get back to her grueling work schedule. Chris and Karrueche each returned to their respective L.A. spots, and Kae went on to hit the clubs and live the single life. However, the pair were clearly together on Saturday night at music exec Jas Prince’s house, made evident by both Jas and Chris’ tweets. Then, Kae had a nightcap at Chris’ house last night, following a night out at the club…made evident by the above photo taken at the early hours of the morning, showing her blue Panamera parked outside his house! By the looks of Rihanna’s Twitter…she’s not feeling this! Can’t wait for more to unfold!

Marisa Mendez