Rihanna Matt Kemp

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  I’m not mad at this at all! I’d keep Matt Kemp around too! Lol.  Rihanna is reportedly in contact with her ex Matt Kemp to keep Chris Brown “on his toes”.


The 24-year-old is believed to have reunited with Chris, but Rihanna is apparently also in touch with her former baseball player flame Matt Kemp, who she dated during 2010.

“Rihanna and Matt always got on well, he was a rock for her after all the problems with Chris,” a source revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“Although her eye is on Chris, she’s learned from past mistakes and isn’t going to store all her eggs in one basket. This is keeping Chris on his toes.”

Matt reportedly called Rihanna to congratulate her on the success of her latest single Diamonds, taken from her upcoming album Unapologetic.  According to sources, the two then met for drinks in Los Angeles.

Check out some of the pics from when they were together in the gallery above.