Catarina Migliorini,20, was looking to start charity housing she decided to auctions off her virginity on a “Virgin’s Wanted” auction website. After having several men from different countries battle for her virginity a man sealed the deal by bidding $780,000.Migliorini plans on having a videographer follow her on her journey to losing her virginity.The same site also allows men to auction off their virginity and the highest bid was set at $3,000!


She also caused controversy when she revealed she would be followed every step of the way by an Australian crew for a documentary film called “Virgins Wanted.”
But, she said: “I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it.
“If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer.
“The auction is just business, I’m a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area,” she told Folha newspaper.