Ever wonder what it was like to use the first form of the computer? It’s crazy to think how far the computer truly has come. Now we carry around mini versions in our pockets. Well a designer/developer named Norbert Landsteiner has created his second blast from the past creation. His first project also a very cool utility. Hit the jump to try them out…

Tat Wza

Norbert first created a 1980’s version of what Google search would be had it released in the 80’s. Starting in MS DOS mode, and beeping and tooting like a traditional machine making for a very realistic experience. His newest creation: a trip back to 1960 and the old IBM mainframe systems. After jumping to the site, you are able to search as you would Google, but your typing on an IBM System/360 Mainframe. In 1964, when the S/360 came out, it was the MacBook Pro of its time; probably even above that! This was cutting edge technology at the time.. Punch cards, paper print outs and reel-to-reel tape storage are just a few features included.