Eva Rausing, a British Billionaire died alone in a filthy room in her mansion and wasn’t discovered for 2 months after her death. The cause of death was an apparent cocaine overdose and heart attack. Rausing clutched a crack pipe till her last breath and it just goes to show you money can’t buy you happiness. Hit the jump for more.

Eva Rausing’s decaying body was found two month after her death clutching an aluminum makeshift crack pipe. Dead of an aparent overdose and a heart attack attributed to years of addiction. The British Billionaire who met her husband in a rehab center had been battling addiction for years but she finally gave in. Authorites found Eva after Hans Rausing, her husband was found with drugs in his possesion during a routine traffic stop, when authorities searched his home they found Eva there decaying before their eyes. Hans who was taken into custody says he was overwhelmed when his wife died and wasn’t prepared to deal with her death. Mr. Rausing has been charged with preventing the lawful burial of a body, he pleaded guilty and has entered drug rehabilitation treatment.

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