Scosche is an accessory company that specializes in electronics.Headphones, chargers, USB ports, car chargers, etc. you’ll struggle to find something they don’t have. Their latest addition is for the cycling music-enthusiast, who’s hopefully wearing a camel back. This device leaves no room for a water bottle on your bike, but you’ll have your music to jam to. What started as a Scosche boomCAN Portable Media Speaker, has evolved to a larger model with more capability.

Tat Wza

The Scosche boomBOTTLE uses a pair of 40 mm drivers and a passive subwoofer making it easy to hear your music even over the click-clacking of your bike. Compatible with any device that can stream music over Bluetooth or has a headphone jack, the boomBOTTLE speaker is good for 10 hours of continuous playback per charge. The bottle also has a set of large, easy-to-find buttons for skipping tracks without having to take your phone out. No pricing available yet, but we will definitely keep you posted !!!