If it’s not one word that I HATE with a passion it’s RATCHET! For the context of what they us it for NOW, that S**T sounds crazy. Everything is ratchet. Everybody is ratchet. Get over it! YG expresses his feelings towards the god awful word. “I f**k with the word ratchet. The word ratchet could mean all type of things, though: The girl is ratchet, which means she’s a ho. Or, the party is ratchet, it’s turned up and everybody’s dancing and having fun. She’s dressed like a ratchet, got on some little shorts with her ass hanging out. All types of ways you can use it.” WoW!
Onto a not so “ratchet” subject, YG talks about his boy DJ Mustard. With the release of the new mixtape Just Re’d Up 2 and his new single “You Broke” with Nipsey Hussle dropping, YG is trying to make a name for himself and Mustard is the one who produced a nice amount of the records on the mixtape. “Before Mustard was even making beats he was my DJ. He was doing all my shows with me, before I was even cracking, back in like ‘08, ‘09,” the California rapper says. Mustard even did the beat for Jeezy’s RIP…That’s MY S**T!
Well, I wish YG the best success. He says that an actual album maybe what’s coming up next. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

You’ve been signed to Def Jam for a couple years, but haven’t released an album with them yet. Do you prefer making tapes? I’ve been building my fan base. I’m not trying to be an artist that comes out and does low sales in the first week. I’m signed to an east coast label and I’m on the west coast; the things I’ve been doing the lsat years, I know [Def Jam] really wasn’t able to see the way people out here were seeing. But now they get it. They see that Mustard is making hit records, the influence is cracking, so I think after this mixtape, I’ll probably be leading into my album. I was 20 when I first came out, now I’m fixing to turn 23. I’m more business-minded now, selling merch, setting up my own tours. I feel like all my fans and supporters want me to go mainstream. People are rooting for me, ’cause they’ve seen me come from MySpace to here. My music is for the streets. I shoot all my videos in the old hood, you can still see me out here, riding a Porsche down Rosencrantz. I enjoy not having to worry about street life, but we still live out here. Hollywood is not that far from the hood, it’s right down the street. There’s never gonna be a time where I won’t be worried about the streets. I’ll always be involved in that shit.