50 & Game

The beef between 50 Cent and The Game happened many years ago, so it may be time to bury the hatchet. At least, that’s how Game feels. Now that reunion season is in full swing (Dip Set, anyone?), The Game and his team are hoping for a G-Unit get together as well. In fact, Game’s manager was telling the Wall Street Journal very recently that he’d been trying to at least get Game and Fif on the right page, but as of right now, Fif isn’t budging. That’s no deterrent for Game, though, as he’s now started an online petition to get the crew back together. Hey, if it works for the White House, maybe it’ll work for them!

Marisa Mendez

Launched on his Facebook, you can go here to sign Game’s petition to get the group back together this year. I hope they can make it happen…I think it’d be dope! But wait…does this include Olivia too? LOL!

Source: HHNM