At one time Apple was the go to company when it came to inspiration those days according to Forbes are over. In the past few months Apple has slipped. Forbes said when they release their annual World’s Most Admired Companies”Apple will no longer be on top of the list. Brad Chase of Forbes said the company had Buzz about glitches, missed deadlines and high prices have been mere nuisance but the overall the company had some missteps since 2012. Who is blame the brand, Tim Cook or the lack innovation?“The company isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. But the value of the once-invincible brand is teetering on the edge of a long, steady drop,” Chase wrote in a column on Forbes. “Apple’s well-documented approach to fostering a virtual community and establishing an open and transparent dialogue with its customers has been one of the leading drivers in its success. And now it is the cause of its inevitable demise.”

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