Well, well, well…Seems as if we have a credible witness to confirm that CoCo and AP.9 smashed – unprotected sex (like that’s something to brag about) – and say that the naked pics of CoCo are real . PR person Pam Nikki Baker says that AP.9 personally showed her the flicks of Ice-T’s wife, backing that a** up in some photos, on three different occasions. This rapper has also, showed Baker the text messages between himself and Ice-T asking for the pictures. Of course, this dude says that Ice-T has to pay for them just like anyone else would.
Besides AP.9 saying that he has received several gifts from other women in the industry (one being a Kardashian), the one gift that he’s riding around in, is from COCO herself. Truth or Not ?! If the lie detector test that, “Star Magazine” gave AP.9 for the interview he did is released, we’ll know for sure.
WHOA! I bet this whole incident is a stab to the chest for Ice-T. Drop down bottom and see what else was revealed.

JaaiR (JR)