Yesterday we shared the crazy story of boxer Adrien Broner going down on a stripper in a strip joint while dropping $15,000.   It was all caught on camera as most things are now a days.  Well it looks like Adrien actually knows the stripper – which makes this story a tiny bit better, but still confused as to why he thought it was a good time to do that … in front of a crowd … on a stage (even if it was for a brief few moments)?!

The woman’s name is “Pretty Redz” and she dances at Stadium in DC. Let me just tell you I’m from DC and have been there (don’t judge – shout to my homie Ra Ra) – Fellas if you ever make your way to the DMV area, you are going to want to check this place out *you’re welcome*!  We still don’t know what kind of relationship (if any) they have, but she did have pictures of the two of them on her Instagram page from two weeks prior.  Check out that pic & a few others of Pretty Redz (do not open at work)…






Source: T/Y J&SJ  & Instagram