Future Future, oh how we love thee. Dedicated to his music and mostly to his children, Future was spotted earlier this week at a go-cart arena in Atlanta by a fan who posted this photo of him and Ciara (not pictured are Future’s Son) having a great time. When the fan approached Future for a photo, he kindly declined. Hit the Jump!

Now the fan who is mad right about now goes onto a rant saying that he wouldn’t take a photo with them…..Sheeesh can he live ?? What we didn’t know was that Future was with his son as well and the deal was as said by Future “You can’t take no pictures today.” He wanted me to be on daddy time that day and not celebrity time, so it was me dedicating that time to my kids that day.

As far as Ciara, he says that he knows it’s real and he is not running away from anything. NO girl can ever say that they’ve had that special bond between them like Ciara and Future has.

Kuddos To You Future !


Necole Bitchie