Well it is true, girls do love Beyonce and so much that she is pairing her Sasha Fierce style with affordable prices in her new partnership with Rent The Runway. The online boutique provides inexpensive, high fashion apparel from over 100 designers and will now offer selections from the Beyonce Boutique. Hit the jump for more…..

Handpicked by Queen Bey, some of the items include glitzy gowns, body con dresses and vibrant accessories starting at $50 !! Sheesh is that a deal or what ?? Beyonce says she hopes to bring her passion for fashion to the everyday woman saying in quote..

“Making women feel confident and beautiful is something I’ve always been passionate about,” “That’s why joining forces with Rent the Runway was so organic. It’s more than just access to beautiful clothes; it’s about making women look and feel their best.”

And there you have it….will you be wearing something from her line?

Concrete Loop