Though she may have gotten the axe on “Basketball Wives,” Royce Reed is still making headlines via her presence on Twitter/Instagram. This time the issue is a little confusing. Fans/haters took to the Twittersphere when Reed Instagramed/tweeted her congratulations to her ex, NBA star Dwight Howard, and his current girlfriend Christine Vest as they allegedly just had a baby boy together. Just incase if you were wondering things got nasty…..Read more after the jump!

Royce seemed very sincere in her congratulatory tweets to the couple and she had a few words for the naysayers who thought differently. Fans (or haters) took to Twitter to give the reality star a piece of their minds, claiming that the congratulations to the couple was “messy.” And questioning why her ex’s new baby was any of her business. After a few seasons of “Basketball Wives,” one thing we know about Ms. Reed is that she does not bite her tongue for anyone – Twitter trolls included. She had this to say to all the drama-mongers:

“Why some of y’all trynna make drama out of a joyous occasion? If u found a congratulatory message messy check yoself! I’m blunt I don’t sub!”

Though there has been no official statement by either Howard or Vest, it’s safe to assume they did in fact have a baby together. It also seems that Royce is genuinely happy for her ex and his next and that she is trying to set a good example for her son, Braylon.

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