Sprite Slam Dunk Contest
Here we go again. Amanda Bynes just NO chill apparently because now she’s not only throwing shade at Drake via her Twitter account, but she is also dissin’ his mama! GIRL BYE! Check out what the crazed wig-wearing mess is saying now after the jump.

Amanda Bynes can’t seem to make up her mind because first she tweets Drake by saying she wants him to “murder” her…you know (it’s in the gallery). Then earlier today, she disses Drake AND his mama, but then deleted the tweets shortly after. First Bynes says “@drake looks like an ugly old woman,” and then went on to slander his mom by saying “The only person uglier than @drake is his mom.”

After she deleted the nasty tweets, she began tweeting how Drake is the “man of [her] dreams” and she even went on to say “I Know I Love Drake Because If He Got Parkinson’s Or Got Into Some Sort Of Accident & He Looked Different He’d Still Be The Only One I Want.”

WOAH. Drugs are bad. VERY VERY BAD!