The Obama administration has stated that they will be “revitalizing” the efforts in the reinstitution of low-level prisoners, in Guantanamo Bay. This statement is being enacted with the transfer of two detainees. Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

The Obama administration has been criticized for not following through with their promises of closing down Guantanamo Bay within the first year that president Obama took office. Although the president has been shut down by members in Congress for his proposition, the administration is re-vitalizing the efforts to do so. Some members of Congress argue that the action of transferring or the overall closing of Guantanamo Bay only allows for terrorist activities to increase and consider this a “soft” gesture in the fight against terrorism. The two Algerian detainees have requested for a transfer to take place in 2010 and are amongst 5 Algerian prisoners whom have been waiting as well. Although it has not been confirmed yet whether the detainees will be released or not, the notion comes around the same time that William K. Lietzau, the top Pentagon official whom deals with detainees, has stepped down from his position. He has helped former president George W Bush’s create the “system of military commission trials”. During his career with the current president he was in charge of creating policies for “law of war”.

“Officials said the timing was a coincidence” hmmm…

Via NYTimes