The National Governors Association Meeting covered major topics but also brought out all of the the politicians coming for Obama’s spot! Read more after jump!

Adriela Batista

Democrats, Republicans, Governors, and more were amongst the guests at the National Governors Association Meeting. They came together to discuss policies and issues regarding Healthcare, budgets and education. Another reason any politician would love to be there is they get to scope out the competition for the next election! The Milwaukee meeting showed the different potential candidates for the upcoming election, in result politicians put on their best suit and acts.

“Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was perhaps the most conspicuous, playing the role of proud host and welcoming his counterparts from around the country to the area where he once served as county executive”.

Walker wanted to make sure that the community saw his face around the town as well. He visited the Milwaukee Brewer’s game, where he gladly greeted media. His tactics did not stop there, he reportedly got his Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket ,privately owned bike and began riding through downtown Milwaukee with 100 bikers following, celebrating the “110th anniversary of Wisconsin’s iconic motorcycle”.

Governor’s Chris Christie of New jersey, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and, Terry Branstad of Iowa, took on a more humble approach. Christie’s number one goal is to gain re-election in New Jersey, being so he decided to show his face in the streets but lay low staying away from media interviews. He believes that without re-election his chances to be a presidential candidate become very slim.

Governor’s John Hickenlooper of Colorado and Martin O’Malley of Maryland decided to take the Walker approach and make themselves seen as well. O’Malley was seen on stage during the Governor’s reception, sitting along with the Irish Folk Band that was playing. Hickenlooper decided to take on media interviews, answering the controversial question to what his solution would be in order to prevent another movie theatre shooting as the one that occurred last year in Colorado.

“But among the Democrats, O’Malley took pains to discuss his views on the state of the country, the only one of the governors to offer insight into a prospective campaign.”

It seems like there was a balance of work and play occurring during this meeting, when the politicians were done playing the game of who seems better than the other in the eye of the public. Hopefully more work and less boasting at the next meeting?

Via HuffPost