Another suspect in the 1985 killing of a DEA agent in Mexico City may be released in upcoming weeks, hit the jump for detail?!?

Adriela Batista

Defense lawyers seemed “optimistic” with the thought that a second member of the “trio of drug pins” convicted in the 1985 murder of a DEA agent by the name of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena will be released in upcoming weeks. Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintenero was able to walk free after the overturn of his 40-year sentence in the kidnapping, torture and murder of the agent, by the federal court.

“The three-judge appeals court in the western state of Jalisco ordered Caro Quintero’s immediate release on procedural grounds after 28 years behind bars, saying he should have originally been prosecuted in state instead of federal court”.

The verdict enraged U.S. officials and former Drug Enforcement Administration agents, adding on, the U.S Department of Justice, found the verdict “deeply troubling”.

The case also involves two of the “founding fathers” of the new drug trade in Mexico, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo and Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Carillo’s attorney has been filing claims on the same basis of Quintero’s, hoping that his client will be out in 15 days through another court in the same state.

“The appeal is about to resolved. We believe that the judges will stick to the law,” Guizar said. “Fonseca Carrillo should already be home. At its base, the issue is the same as Rafael’s.”

Although the mexican government has not given any reason for the overturn:

“some experts said the ruling may have been part of a broader push to rebalance the Mexican legal system in favor of defendants’ rights”

Via WashingtonPost