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Rhude a clothing brand ran by 21 year old Rhuigi Villasenor who will be re-releasing his highly anticipated “Bandana Tee”. Rhude has been going strong for about a year now and has had some great success so far, with the likes of famous celebs like Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown and others rocking rhude clothing. The “Bandana Tee” was a huge hit over the summer and was by far a piece you had to have. Bandana Print all-over was a huge hit over the summer in itself, but not everyone can design using such a challenging print. Rhuigi effortlessly perfected this design and has put every other designer who has used bandana print to shame. By far, one of the most anticipated shirts this year. You will have a second chance at purchasing this eye-catching tee, which will be available again on August 15. You may purchase from select retailers, boutiques worldwide and of course rhude’s official website. To stay more in tune with Rhude clothing follow their official instagram.

Written by Ajrashed