I say got damn (2 Chainz voice)! Last month in Oklahoma, 2 Chainz’ tour bus was stopped by police, due to a broken tail-light, but suspicion set in quickly, as soon as it’s passengers locked themselves on the inside and refused to let officers in (guilty much?)! Once officers got a warrant, they arrested 11 individuals, – including 2 Chainz – and, now information has been let out about the heavy artillery found during the search. Let’s just say, 2 Chainz can now name his tour bus, ‘The Pharmacy.’ Hit the jump and check out what was sitting next to the 2 semi-automatic guns when police showed up.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery! There was a 12-gauge included in this search! “Aflac, you betta DUCK!”

Along-side the semi-automatic Sig Sauer SP2340, the semi-automatic glock included a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, weed grinders (covered in weed – lol, duhTMZ), weed pipes, papers, scales, as well as meds = hydrocodone & flexeril. Lite up is an understatement.