IFWT Percy Harvin Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks made a big offseason splash by trading for Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings.  The star wide receiver however had to have surgery on his hip and was placed on the NFL Injured Reserve list meaning he can’t return until week seven.  The Seahawks  may have other ideas in mind however if they continue to play well.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Harvin returned to New York for rehab on his hip and is reportedly doing quite well.  He’s doing well enough to return for week seven but the Seahawks may plan to use him much later.

Per ProFootballTalk:

The challenge for Carroll and G.M. John Schneider will be to determine the right time to bring Harvin back.  If the team, which could go to 4-0 for the first time in franchise history on Sunday, continues to thrive without Harvin, the powers-that-be may be inclined to unleash him, Kraken-style, as late as possible, with an eye toward getting maximum pop in the postseason.

Even if he’s on the active roster, they don’t have to play him.  By Week 15, the Seahawks could have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

While it’s unlikely, there’s a chance Harvin’s debut will come in the divisional round.  Which would make the crowd at CenturyLink Field even louder.

If that’s even possible.