David Stevens really hits home with this emotion filled video, as he reveals his opinions on the struggles that same sex couples have to go through in order to gain acceptance. Stevens little brother is gay and recently got married, as Straight Stevens posted his excitement and pictures from the gay couple’s marriage, one of his friends decided to send him an angry message and de-friend him because of his own anti-gay sentiment. Well Stevens responded to his homophobic friend and others who feel the same in this heart felt video, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

David Stevens de-friender sent him a message stating the following:

“Hey David, I am removing you from my friends list. Sorry man, that latest post is way over the top. Homosexuals joining in holy matrimony? I don’t think so. The holy bible speaks out against homosexuality and speaks highly of holy matrimony between a man and a woman. It’s nothing more than a slap in the face to those who choose God’s word for homosexual s to join in a holy marriage. I’m only defriending you so I don’t have to look at your anti-God stuff anymore — nothing personal.”

**Check out the sentimental video below**