I swear between Instagram models, Twitter celebrities, and chicks who become famous for smashin’ rappers, everybody is “available for bookings” now-a-days. Well, we have yet another one added to the list who you’ll be able to see in a club near you. After the identity of the infamous “Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree” that Drake speaks about in his “From Time” track was revealed, she has been gaining a ton of buzz.

Welp folks, you guessed it. Courtney is now using her new-found fame to get club bookings and hosting gigs. Although she was already doing events here and there, now she is an official “somebody.” Check out a flyer featuring Drizzy’s ex-boo in the gallery.


Soooooo, can I add “for bookings” in my bio now or what?! Nah?..Not yet? LOL!