DA FUQ! A lot of people experiment – with s**t like WEED – but, when I hear about a cocaine substitute mixed with codeine tablets and gasoline, paint thinner, lighter fluid or other substances, it is NOT AT ALL something that I’m willing to try. Just walk up to the pump and drink it, if that’s how you really feel! Not the same for Amber Neitzel [had been doing heroine for 10 years], her sister Angie Neitzel and mother, Kim Neitzel [talk about keeping it in the family] were all using the drug that eats your flesh from the inside out.
The DEA are concerned about other cases involving the drug, but he Neitzels are saying that they were the first to be treated for the gashed lesions at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center.
“It’s going after your organs,” says Kim. Just because you don’t see the “sores on the outside of your body, it don’t mean it don’t got a hold of you.”
This is CRAZY! I’m good of that! I’ll stick with a bottle of alcohol. Hit the jump for the woman’s wounds, but be afraid – very afraid. 18+ ONLY!

JaaiR (JR)

Photos in the gallery above! Again, 18+ ONLY!