Wales Media Session

Talk about a payoff!!!  This is such a great story. A man bet $80 that his infant grandson would one day play for Wales’ National Team.  Well 15 years later … that grandson does!  How much did he win for that bet?!  Check it out…



Via SportsGrid:

Back in 1998, Peter Edwards placed a £50 ($80) bet with a bookmaker that his grandson, then 1 1/2 years old, would one day play for the Welsh National Soccer Team. Even though he got some tasty 2,500/1 odds, that’s still pretty much grounds to have the guy committed to the happy asylum.

Except … the grandson, now 16 years old, did just that. On Tuesday Harry Wilson (above, in the light red jersey) became the youngest athlete ever to play for Wales’ senior national team, making his debut in Wales’ European World Cup qualifier vs. Belgium. His grandfather, Peter Edwards, 62, thus collected £125,000 ($205,000) from a bookmaker in Wrexham.

He is now set to retire a year earlier than originally planned.


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